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Solar panels consist of large pieces of plastic or a similar material with a series of cells on the surface of each piece. Those panels attach to the roof or sides of the house and connect to the home's electrical system. When the sun shines down, the cells absorb some of the power from those rays and gather energy that it then uses to power the house. Many people find that they don't like the look of those large panels on their homes, which is why there is a growing interest in solar shingles.

Similar to solar panels, solar shingles provide energy that the home and its owners need. The main difference is that the shingles are much smaller and match back to the look and style of the home. Bergen County roofing companies with experience installing these shingles can ensure that each one works properly and that the shingles aren't exposed to the elements.

Solar shingles are a relatively new addition to the world of roofing materials. The Dow Corporation was the first company to release the shingles to the general public back in 2005, but a handful of other companies later developed similar designs. The cost of these shingles is generally on par with traditional shingles, but most solar shingles cost a little more than asphalt or composition shingles do.

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The way contractors install these shingles depends on the model or type selected. Most fit on the roof in the same way that any other type of shingle would. Contractors place some type of underlayment on the roof, place a row of shingles on the roof and nail down or secure each one before adding a second row. Professional installers can also install the shingles in such a way that they cut down on the exposure that the shingles have to snow, ice, sunlight and other environmental dangers.

Some manufacturers created solar shingles that look just like composition and asphalt shingles and can be mixed with those shingles. This allows homeowners to mix and match solar shingles with traditional shingles to get the best benefits of both types. Homeowners can also save money with these shingles. Each piece contains cells that absorb and create energy from the sun, and each shingle connects back to a central system that allows the home to use that energy in various ways. Some people see a reduction in their energy bills of 50 percent or more after installing solar shingles.

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