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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Assessing Damage To Your Asphalt-shingled Roof

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Is it time for you to get a new roof on your house? If your asphalt-shingled roof is over 15 years old and you are beginning to experience frequent issues with it, it might be time to let Bergen County roofing professionals come to your home and assess the overall condition of your asphalt shingles.

Before you contact a roofing company, climb up and take a look at the shingles, if you feel safe in doing so yourself. It is best to do this on a warm, sunny day because the asphalt shingles will be softer and more flexible after being exposed to the sun for a period of time. While up there, gently try to bend a couple shingles to determine their level of flexibility. When you do this, if any of the shingles crumble instead of bend, those shingles will need to be replaced.

While examining your roof's asphalt shingles, take notice of their surface condition. Do most of them show the black mat because the surface granules have worn off? If only a few shingles are worn, you may be able to replace those individual shingles. However, if a high percentage of the shingles are worn, it might be time to get an estimate for a new roof, especially if your roof is over 15 years old.

If your roof leaks, do not automatically assume your shingles are to blame. Sometimes the flashing that borders your chimney, pipes or dormer window is the actual culprit. You need to determine the origin of the leak. While up on the roof, if you cannot tell where the leak is coming from, try looking at it from inside your home.

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Go up to the attic and look for water marks on your walls or ceiling. If you do see water marks, check to see if there is a water trail and find the uppermost point of the trail. Once you have pinpointed the origin spot, mark it and measure the distance from that spot to the chimney. This way, when you go back up on the roof, you can use that measurement to find the exterior origin of the leak. If you are in your attic on a bright sunny day, inspect the ceiling and walls for any signs of daylight showing through the underside of your roof. This can also help you target the leaky spot on the roof.

If you are relieved to discover that your shingles are not damaged enough to require a whole new roof, it is relatively easy to repair or replace each of the damaged shingles. In order to repair a shingle, you need to have roofing cement and roofing nails on hand. Sometimes, a small hole, that is no larger than a penny, can be covered with a thick layer of roofing cement to seal off the hole. Otherwise, you will need to either repair the shingles or replace them. Many homeowners are capable of doing this themselves, but if you are not comfortable dealing with roofing repairs on your own, do not hesitate to contact a roofing contractor.

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