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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Avoid Roofing Leaks With Preventative Maintenance

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When your roof is leaking, you may not be aware of the issue until you see stains or water on the ceiling and walls of your home. By the time your leak becomes obvious, damage to the structure of your home may have already occurred. Providing regular maintenance for your roof and keeping a close watch for potential leaks could save you money in the long run as you will have the opportunity to identify and repair small leaks before they become larger problems and you are forced to contact Bergen County roofing professionals.

To prevent leaks in your roof, maintenance starts at your gutters. Keeping your gutters clear of debris allows water to quickly run off the roof and flow away from the wooden structures of your home. The downspouts should allow water to flow onto the ground well away from your home's foundation, and any leaks in your gutter system that allow the soffit and fascia to become wet should be immediately repaired to prevent water damage to the wood.

If you can access your attic, taking a close look at the underside of your roof can be a great way to identify small leaks. The wooden decking is typically made of plywood, and when water is present, it will show dark stains.

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Using a flashlight, you can carefully examine each section of the decking, and you should pay close attention to the areas around vents and chimneys. If it is actively raining outdoors, you may be able to locate the sparkle of water droplets with your flashlight.

Keeping moss and debris off your roof is another important way to prevent leaks. The roots of moss can penetrate and lift asphalt shingles, and branches and other types of debris can allow moisture to sit on the roofing materials for extended periods of time. Hiring a roofing contractor to clean your roof of debris and treat it for moss is the safest way to efficiently address this issue as they have the proper tools, experience and skills to safely work on your roof. An arborist can trim tree branches away from your roof to reduce the risk of damage.

If you do find a leak in your roof, call your roofing contractor right away for an appointment to address your repair needs. Small leaks can easily develop into extensive water damage, and by keeping a close eye on your roof and providing regular maintenance, you can avoid extensive damage and expensive repairs.

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