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Though local roofing companies can handle a wide range of different jobs, they often receive calls for a few reasons. Many people call because they see one or more leaks in their home or because they see water damage forming on the ceilings in their homes. Then there are those who call because they find that the shingles installed on their roofs are broken. Broken shingles can occur because of weather conditions and pollutants in the air, but there are other causes for the damage. Bergen County roofing contractors want homeowners to call and schedule an appointment to find out what caused their broken shingles.

One potential cause for broken shingles is a lack of ventilation in the home. Ventilation comes from vents, ducts, windows and doors in the home. Those openings provide a place for air to go once it rises to the roof of the house. If the home lacks proper ventilation, that warm air can settle at the top of the house and lead to a buildup of humidity and water vapors. Those vapors then reach the shingles and cause the shingles to absorb too much liquid, which leads to the pieces breaking and cracking.

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Any type of pollutant in the air can also lead to shingles breaking. Though many homes in the region develop a dingy or dark appearance because of those toxins, the pollutants can also lead to the breakdown of the shingles. Algae and unusual growth on the roof can also damage the shingles. Vegetation growing on the roof can find a way to get underneath the shingles and then begin growing through the center of those shingles, which causes large cracks that eventually break the shingles into individual pieces. Algae can cause similar problems, which is why contractors recommend that homeowners hire professionals to clean algae off their roofs.

If there are just a few broken shingles on a roof, it might indicate that the roof has a minor problem. If most or many of the shingles show signs of wear and tear and breakage, it often indicates that the entire roof needs replacing. When a large section of shingles breaks, it usually means that the shingles no longer function properly and that the roof needs new shingles. As it's often hard for those without roofing experience to determine the cause of broken shingles, it's typically best for homeowners to arrange for a professional inspection that covers both the shingles and the membrane of the roof.

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