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In many cases, the color of a home's roof can be nearly as important as the roofing material itself. Selecting the wrong color can put homeowners in hot water with their homeowners association (HOA) and their city. It can also decrease the curb appeal and value of one's home. When the time comes to select a new roofing material and color, Bergen County roofing experts recommend that homeowners take these points into consideration.

Before selecting a roofing color or type, the first thing a homeowner should do is check the local city ordinances and with the local HOA. In many areas across the United States, roof color choices are limited by the city or the HOA. This is done in order to keep a city or a neighborhood looking its best and in line with other homes in the area. Choosing a color or roof material type before checking on these things could be an expensive waste of time.

Homeowners can talk with their roofing contractor and local real estate agents to get ideas about what roofing color or material might compliment their existing home color scheme the best. Selecting the right colors can increase the curb appeal of the home, which will be extremely important to homeowners who may be interested in selling their home in the near future.

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If a homeowner is lacking inspiration, taking a walk or a drive around the neighborhood or town can help. Doing this can help homeowners find new roofing colors that might go best with the color of their home. They can even take pictures or notes to document what they like best or any questions to ask their roofing company. This step can also help give them an idea as to what city ordinances and HOA regulations allow in their area.

It is important to choose a roofing color that does not closely match other colors on the home. Doing this can create a monochromatic color scheme that will usually not look attractive. Roof colors should complement the other colors on the home instead of matching them.

Once a homeowner has narrowed down the roofing color choices, the next step should be to ask a roofing contractor for a shingle sample in the granule colors they like. They should view the samples against different colors of their home at various times of the day to get an idea of what it looks like in different amounts of light.

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