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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Common Roof Leak Causes

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There is nothing worse than discovering a leak coming from the ceiling in a home. Leaks usually do not occur overnight. There are often signs that a leak has formed. As water drips from the roof and onto the ceiling, the excess water buildup will often leave behind a dark brown or black stain on the ceiling. The leak will later break through the ceiling and form a crack that can extend for several inches up to one foot or more. Whether a leak already exists or is about to form, locals can work with Bergen County roofing contractors and find out more about what caused the leak.

One common cause of a roof leak is some type of damage to the flashing. Contractors generally install flashing around the chimney, vents and any other projections on the roof. Water damage can reduce the effectiveness of this seal and allow water to penetrate through those areas. If the flashing features any type of rubber or a similar compound that the contractor used as a sealant, water can wear down that sealant and cause cracks in the rubber.

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As more water passes over the flashing and onto the ceiling, it can enlarge those cracks and cause larger leaks to form.

Broken or missing shingles and a broken underlayment can also cause the formation of a leak. The underlayment acts as a protective barrier that prevents water from penetrating the roof and ceiling. Any cracks or missing sections of the underlayment allow large amounts of water to move straight through the shingles and onto the ceiling. As the water pools on the surface of the ceiling, it eventually causes the ceiling to bow and breaks through the roof to form a leak. Broken shingles may have sharp edges that poke through the underlayment and cause leaks as well.

Many people don't realize that clogged gutters are a common cause of a roof leak. The main function of a gutter is the removal of water from the roof. Clogs caused by debris, small animals or trash stop that water from leaving the roof. As the water pools on the roof, gravity attempts to force it down and away from the shingles. This leads to the water entering any small cracks or gaps it encounters, which can lead to leaks forming in tiny holes or cracks in the ceiling. Contractors can usually determine the cause of a leak and how to fix it during an inspection of the roof.

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