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A common misconception about metal roofs is that they make a lot of noise. Perhaps this perception comes from sheet metal connected to open rafters, but it doesn't have to be the case. In fact, even when a Bergen County roofing company installs a metal roofing material with a low STC such as steel, it has a number of sound dampening options available.

Of course, some roofs are simply loud. Even an asphalt roof can create a great deal of noise in the right situation. These scenarios are more common in old homes due to outdated construction techniques. Newer homes are constructed with sound dampening in mind, and solutions are put in place for the external and internal walls as well as the roof.

A loud roof during a particularly bad storm shouldn't be a concern. However, if a homeowner has a roof that gets annoyingly loud whenever it rains, the first step should be to schedule a professional roof and attic inspection. A common reason why a roof is loud is that fasteners are missing, were improperly installed or have loosened for some reason. This allows heavy roof materials to vibrate when it rains or is windy and can create excess noise.

Inspecting the attic is important because this can reveal structural issues, such as a problem with the rafters or sheathing.

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If the bothersome sounds are relatively new, then the fix may be rather minor. If the noise has been an ongoing problem, there could be issues with the design of the roof or even the entire home. Structural upgrades are possible but costly. An alternative is installing sound insulation, which is a relatively simple process and can have a significant effect.

When a home has basic or architectural asphalt shingles and experiences loud noises, then one solution is to install a second layer of asphalt. This is only advisable if the first layer is installed at the same time or it's relatively new and in excellent condition. If re-roofing, then there are insulation options that can be installed along with the underlayment to help curb loud noises.

Sounds from a roof can be exacerbated by the overall STC of the home, and it's possible to take a whole-home approach to sound dampening. In addition to adding sound insulation to the roof and attic, a professional sealing and insulating crew can add sound-dampening material throughout the home as well as seal any gaps and tighten up existing construction.

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