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Your roofing system is a critical part of your home's structure, and you may be surprised to learn that replacements aren't uncommon. While the sheathing used in the construction process may remain intact, the materials covering the area can deteriorate over time. Modern construction products are excellent for homeowners interested in getting maximum value and life cycle out of their new roofing systems, making today's roofing replacement projects important investments. Deciding whether you are in need of a new roof will be based on a number of physical factors associated with your existing materials and structure. Additionally, a Bergen County roofing contractor is an excellent resource for planning and implementing your roofing renovation.

Leaks are one of the most significant issues in evaluating whether a new roof is warranted. If you experience any leaks in your home, you have a compromise somewhere in your roofing system. Identifying the source of the issue is a priority. Although your leak may seem minor, water damage can lead to further deterioration of shingles and the materials beneath them. Before you see water spots or actual leaks on your walls or ceiling, the liquid has made its way through the layers of the roofing system, into the attic and possibly through insulation. It's possible that you'll experience a related problem with mold or algae growth as a result. These issues can influence your home's indoor air quality.

Your leaks may be related to old flashing that is rusting or otherwise compromised.

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They could also result from failure of caulking around your flashing. Cracked or missing shingles can also expose your home to the potential for leaks. While a single leak doesn't mean that your roof needs to be replaced, a leak may signal that your roofing system is beginning to age significantly. This is particularly true if you have experienced many years without any leaks whatsoever.

In addition to paying attention to new or more frequent leaks, you should also visually assess your roof to note unusual changes in the shingles. Aged shingles may curl up at the ends. They can also blister because of excessive heat. Extreme thermal changes in winter and summer months can also reduce the resiliency of the materials, leading to cracks and breakage. Because the materials in a roofing system are installed at one time, you can expect additional shingles to be similarly affected in the same time frame.

Renovating your roof may seem like a good DIY project. However, it's important to note that incorrect application of some components can leave you at risk of further leaks or additional repair needs. It's wise to enlist the help of a contractor, so that you can count on expert work. Additionally, modern materials often include important longevity guarantees that are only valid in cases of proper installation by licensed professionals.

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