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There are many environmental factors that can shorten the life cycle of your roof. It's important to consider these issues as you maintain your roof over the years, and remember to research the available choices in materials as you plan for re-doing your roof. Because a roofing update can be expensive, you want to be sure that your choices will provide excellent value while enhancing the appearance of your property. Always consult with a licensed Bergen County roofing contractor for the best advice and assistance with any update to your structure's roofing system.

Heat is one of the most important issues as you consider the longevity of your roof. The impact of your roof's temperature is two-fold; first, the heat retained can lead to early deterioration of your shingles, reducing the life cycle of your system. Additionally, heat retention can lead to greater heat gain in the house at large, resulting in greater cooling energy requirements to maintain comfortable indoor conditions during summer months. While some colors tend to retain heat, others are better as cool roofing options. Light pigments have a more reflective quality, allowing more solar energy to be directed back from the roofing material. Cool roofing choices can lead to a decrease of up to 100 degrees in roof temperatures, making it beneficial to carefully consider the materials and pigments you will use.

Impact from airborne materials such as hail can also reduce the life expectancy of your roofing materials. Highly rated materials that are factory tested and approved for resistance to airborne hazards can often lead to discounts on home insurance plans.

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It's important to note that any activity which causes your shingles to rupture or crack can lead to the deterioration of your roofing system by creating breaches that may allow water to penetrate. Class ratings for impact resistance range from one to four with four being assigned to materials with the best performance under impact.

Wind resistance is another issue to consider in selecting a new roof. In areas that are exposed to even occasional potential for hurricanes or other high winds, this rating is extremely important. Ratings range from A to H, each representing the speed of winds that can be tolerated when the materials are properly installed. If your existing roofing system is more than 10 years old, it is likely that your current materials aren't rated for high wind events. An update should include an evaluation of the materials based on local potential for severe winds.

Newer roofing systems tend to be more resilient in cases of severe weather and environmental conditions. With modern rating systems, you have the ability to make informed decisions about the materials used to cover your home. Insurance discounts for highly rated materials may be available due to reduction in potential for loss during hurricanes, hailstorms and other serious events. Your roofing company can help you to find the best options for your budget and structure.

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