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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Extending Your Roof's Longevity

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With proper care, your new roof may last longer than your tenure in your current home does. Many roofing materials and composites are guaranteed for lifetimes of up to 50 years by their manufacturers, and maintenance isn't generally that difficult. Still, you can't shirk your duties as a homeowner and let your roof's maintenance slide. It's essential to keep up with your property, and yearly checkups are the first step in doing so.

Naturally, these checkups ought to be performed by professionals. While many homeowners are more than willing to climb up a ladder and give their Bergen County roofing a visual once-over themselves, few of these motivated individuals really understand what they're looking for. The experience of a trained eye is invaluable, and the fact that good contractors are insured means that you don't risk having to pay for any further damage that occurs during the course of investigating the problems at hand.

For instance, you may discover that some of your roof vents are rusted or corroded. Although these obviously need to be removed and replaced, performing the work improperly on your own might result in additional material damage to the affected areas.

Metal vent plates that rust often fuse to their fasteners or to the surrounding wood and mounting hardware.

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If you simply apply force in order to lift up the rusted section and see how far the damage goes, you may rip out a huge chunk of siding or fascia in the process. While your contractor runs the same risk, their coverage means that it's less expensive if they make the mistake.

Accuracy is also important to roof maintenance and repairs. A good deal of the roof inspection process involves looking for common hallmarks of damage and distinguishing between confusing symptoms that often occur in tandem; this can be far harder for inexperienced individuals.

Your asphalt shingles that appear blistered and worn may simply be getting old; this may look unsightly, but it's not cause for immediate alarm. If, on the other hand, the blistering is due to the use of an incompatible sealant, the tiles might break down at an accelerated rate and propagate leaks. Working with a roofer who can understand the difference between simple, age-related wear and the characteristic degradation caused by improper installations is the only way to clear up the issue for good and make an effective insurance or warranty claim.

So how often does your roof need to be inspected to increase its lifetime? Most professionals say that yearly checkups are effective at detecting problems before they get out of hand. Although you can perform basic tasks like gutter cleanings and debris removal on your own, leave it to the professionals when it comes to checking the results of your work.

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