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Although hiring a Bergen County roofing company to install your roof will ensure quality results, there are advantages to completing the job yourself, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Some benefits of installing a roof yourself include saving money on labor costs and having the satisfaction that you installed the roof yourself. Most people do not have the time or effort to install their own roof, so they hire a team of experienced professionals. This can be very costly, and if you want to install premium shingles and other features to protect your home from the elements, the materials alone will take a toll on your budget. Installing a roof yourself will require many hot days in the sun and hard labor, but both of those things can be beneficial to your health. Not only could you get a nice sun tan, you can also build major amounts of muscle. Just make sure to take all the proper safety precautions any time you are on the roof or working with heavy equipment.

There are many different factors to take into your project considerations. The square footage of your roof will help you determine most of the roofing cost.

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Even if it is a simple repair job, be prepared to pay for the necessary shingles and many different installing accessories that will need to be used. This includes roofing nails, bonding materials and any finishing supplies. If premium roofing materials are used, such as metal or copper, it will be much more per square foot, but the results will be more durable and effective at protecting your home if installed properly.

When calculating your project costs, also keep in mind that you may need to rent some equipment for the job at a home improvement store. Lifting shingles onto the roof is not an easy thing to do, so there is equipment available to get several shingles to the roof easier. A simple pulley system works well in most cases. You may also need to rent safety equipment, such as a harness, or installing tools like an air compressor to make nailing shingles faster.

Consider the amount of time you will need to complete the roofing job. If you have relatives or friends who might be up for the task, ask them if they would like to help. You can pay them for their labor or just owe them a large favor to be returned later. Asphalt shingles are generally simple to install, but if you have trouble with more expensive shingles or solar panels, it is better to consult a professional roofer than risk making a mistake on your roof.

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