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Choosing a Bergen County roofing service begins with soliciting multiple estimates. The proposals you receive help you determine what your options are and come up with a smarter plan of action. While you may be tempted by a seemingly great offer or deal, your wallet will take far less damage if you're thorough about making your comparisons.

First off, remember that no two proposals are equivalent. Even if two roofers charge the same price, their services may vary in terms of materials used and warranties. It's up to you, however, to determine where the differences lie, so it's critical to understand what you're getting with each proposal.

Price point variances don't necessarily mean that you're receiving a lower quality product, however. For instance, a roofer may be able to shave some money off of their material expenses if they're partnered with a specific building material manufacturer or they've already stockpiled surplus supplies from a recent job. If you're lucky enough to find such a contractor, you could end up paying less.

Here are the bare minimums for a typical shingled roof replacement estimate. You should expect to be billed for all the materials used during the project, including the felt covering beneath your shingles, the flashing that protects the roof joints from leakage and the shingles themselves.

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Unless something is explicitly listed and priced on your estimate, however, you shouldn't count on it being included in the actual work.

Proposals should detail the extent of the labor being performed. For instance, most contractors will explicitly state what section of the shingles they're going to replace. They'll also describe whether they'll make repairs to vents, gutters and soffit in the area and how much time the project will require overall.

While these features seem obvious, they're not the only things you can learn from an estimate. These important documents also clue you in on the future of your roof by clarifying which sections are covered by the warranty and what happens should defects occur down the line. If the roofing crews damage your landscaping or your home's exterior during the installation, the estimate will describe how the situation ought to be resolved.

Obtain two or three estimates, and go through the different conditions of each before comparing their prices. If you notice that one estimate is lacking features found on the others, you may want to discard it completely or simply inquire about the issue with the contractor. Also remember to check for details like removal of the existing roof and the method of installation so that these expenses don't catch you off guard later.

Selecting a roofer is much easier when you have multiple estimates to compare, so always do your homework. Take ample time to research your options and establish a minimum standard of acceptability before signing a contract.

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