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Environmental factors can take a toll on shingles, and over time, that wear can greatly diminish the curbside appeal of a roof regardless of how good the condition of the roof actually is. Shingles can be become so discolored and otherwise worn that replacement becomes the only option to restore a roof to its former condition. That kind of fading and staining is not inevitable, however, and if a homeowner is diligent about the required maintenance, shingles can look nearly new until the day they're replaced.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that area homeowners make is allowing dirt and other debris to collect on roofs. Debris can collect in angles, nooks and on flat spots. These piles often have organic matter that decays, and that process will have a staining effect over time. After every storm, use a ladder or a garden hose to remove debris from roof shingles. If objects are too difficult or unsafe to remove, then call a Bergen County roofing company to perform the job.

Homeowners should clean gutters thoroughly inside and out at least twice annually. The goal here is to ensure the flow from the roof to the downspouts is unimpeded and to prevent algae growth. It is also a good idea to treat a roof for algae, moss and other growth that can discolor shingles.

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Opt for a chemical treatment that can be applied, allowed to sit and then gently washed off. Most local roofing companies can perform this task, but homeowners can also buy chemicals like zinc sulfate at local stores.

An annual cleaning of shingles using oxygen bleach is also recommended. Oxygen bleach is effective and more ecofriendly than standard bleach. If discoloration has already occurred, then it may be possible to remove the staining using oxygen bleach. If shingles have faded or otherwise lost color, it's likely necessary to call in a professional. The professional recommendation may be to replace the faded shingles, but, in some cases, it will be possible to use a sealant that restores colors and then protects.

When maintaining and cleaning their roofs, homeowners should always favor methods that are not abrasive. While slate shingles may be able to withstand the abrasion, while asphalt and even wood shingles cannot. If the only way to restore an area of shingles is with an abrasive technique, then replacement is the better option long term. Homeowners who have a particularly problematic area of a roof should consider using a sealant on that side in order to avoid premature replacement again in the future.

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