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Homeowners may be ready for a new metal roof installation, but there are many unique aspects to this material. From dramatically different installation styles to overall project cost, understanding metal roof additions allows homeowners to feel more comfortable with their investment. Bergen County roofing professionals can discuss what to expect with an upcoming installation before workers arrive on site.

The first major differences between standard roofing material and metal installations are labor charges and crew sizes. Labor rates or hourly quantities will be higher than shingle installation values because there is more skill and effort involved. Work crews must have specialized training to affix panels effectively to a structure, for instance. More roofers are necessary because of material weight. Panels must be carefully brought up to the rooftop using several workers unlike lightweight shingles. One box of shingles is still lighter than one metal panel, for example.

Most metal installations offer a choice of a complete roof tear off or overlay. Roofers charge labor to pull all old materials off the structure, exposing the deck. This installation choice allows contractors to inspect the main support surface for future metal additions.

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An overlay is where panels are attached directly over an old shingle installation, including the vapor retarder. Original materials create another moisture barrier and soften any noise emanating from the metal surface during storms. Contractors will discuss both options with homeowners to ensure a smart match with the structure's design.

Support beams or joists are the main connection point for metal panels. Regardless if the project is overlay or tear off, contractors visit the attic to inspect joists carefully. They'll check for any decay, cracks or misalignment. These joists might have supported a shingle installation, but metal panels are heavier with added strain to the entire structure.

Homeowners should also note that screws are required for metal panels, not nails. Metal cannot be secured properly with nails because they easily pull out of joists with high winds. Screws have threads that adhere tightly to the joist and panel, creating a tight connection for decades of strong leak protection.

Sign a service contract after installing metal roofing to keep the project as well kept as possible. Although metal roofs last around 50 years, they still require consistent care. Roofers should visit yearly to inspect all seams, fasteners and surfaces to prevent premature aging and deterioration. Metal can look brand new for several decades with diligent care.

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