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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

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Homeowners who are having their roofs replaced can sometimes face a difficult decision when it comes to selecting a roofing material. Whether a homeowner has previously had a metal roof on their home or is considering one for the first time, it is important that they learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this popular roofing material. According to Bergen County roofing professionals, metal roofs have the following pros and cons.

Metal roofs are very durable and sturdy. In fact, they are so sturdy that FEMA recommends them as the first choice for homes located in areas likely to be hit with natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes. They also provide good resistance to the wind. Some metal roofs are even rated to withstand winds between 110 and 160 mph. Metal roofing materials are also a good option for homes in areas that get hit with a lot of ice and snow because they easily shed all types of precipitation.

Many people consider metal roofs to be the only true eco-friendly roofing material. This is because metal roofs can be made from recycled metal and also recycled when their life as a roofing material has ended.

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Metal roofs also reflect heat and absorb as little as one-third of the heat that asphalt shingle roofs do.

One drawback to metal roofs is that they are more expensive than some other roofing options. While galvanized steel is the least expensive metal roofing material, aluminum falls in the middle of the price range, and copper is the most expensive. However, metal roofs will generally last around 50 to over 100 years and have an excellent return on investment.

Another drawback to metal roofing is that it can be quite noisy during a rain or hailstorm. This is because other roofing materials are able to absorb the impact of rain and hail to muffle the sound, but metal does not do this.

Many homeowners are drawn to metal roofs because of their low-maintenance and the fact that they can be easily cleaned using only water. About every 10-15 years they will need their fasteners replaced or tightened. After about 25 years, they may need to be repainted. They can also be installed in only a day or two. However, they must be installed by experienced metal roofers.

Homeowners also appreciate the fact that metal roofs offer many color options. In fact, there are more than 100 options in paint colors for a metal roof, and homeowners can even select from customized colors.

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