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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Potential Structural Problems With Felt Underlayment

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In a harsh and stormy environment, homeowners need an underlayment system to protect their rooftop from all types of weather damage. Although many materials and varieties are available, the most common type of system installed by Bergen County roofing specialists is usually made from felt. Felt underlayment systems are among the most affordable available, and they are protective enough to provide homeowners with the barrier they need against moisture damage and stormy weather. However, because asphalt saturated felt is often more affordable than other systems, it may have inherent problems that individuals should watch out for. Keeping an eye out for these issues can help homeowners plan ahead for future repairs and replacements.

To begin, homeowners should always ascertain the quality of the felt material. Studies show that, while some ASTM standards exist to keep felt materials standardized for long-term use, poor manufacturing practices may result in short- and long-term damage to the underlayment. This damage extends to the rest of the roofing system when the underlayment is not able to protect the deck. Although it is difficult to tell whether or not the asphalt is in compliance with ASTM standards, homeowners usually know that there is a problem when they notice water damage on areas of their roof. Contacting professional roofers to reinstall a new section of underlayment can help reduce damage to the rest of the roof structure.

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Another problem that homeowners need to watch out for is the loss of volatiles along the underlayment's surface. Volatiles are necessary oils and other materials that prevent the underlayment from drying out. When the volatiles are fresh and active in the underlayment, it resists water damage much more efficiently. Over time, however, volatile compounds will disappear in asphalt saturated materials, and keeping an eye on the system is one of the best ways for homeowners to avoid long-term damage. It's important to remember that volatiles are lost more quickly when the roof is exposed to excessive amounts of heat, and the problem is further exacerbated if the roof has sections of missing shingles.

Finally, all homeowners should be aware of installation damage to their system. During the installation process, it is possible that the fasteners used to keep the underlayment firmly on the roof's deck could also result in premature tears. When this happens, points of exposure are opened on the roof, and they could result in leaks and structural damage. To combat this problem, homeowners should speak with local roofing experts to learn more about the installation process. Capable professionals can limit the damage to the underlayment by performing the installation correctly.

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