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New York experiences some rough winters that can plague homeowners. Even mild winters can bring high winds, sleet and driving rain, and bad winters can bring along lots of ice and snow too. That ice and snows adds extra weight to a roof and can eventually lead to the roof collapsing or other minor problems. Bergen County roofing companies offer some help for homeowners interested in how they can prepare their homes and roofs for the long winters. From inspections to the installation of heat coils that melt ice and snow, those companies provide homeowners with a wide range of services.

The most common problem found in the area during winter is the formation of ice dams. An ice dam can range in size from something small that leaves a few icicles dangling from the roof to a larger dam that hangs precariously off the roof and one wall of the house. Though some think they can simply let the ice melt in the spring without suffering any problems, this can lead to the ice building up and bringing down any of the shingles it touches or causing the roof to collapse.

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Roof heat cables are a popular way to prevent ice dams and the buildup or accumulation of ice and snow. Also known as heating cables, the cables look like long and flexible tubes with a power cord on one end. Contractors lay the cables on the roof and wrap the cables around chimneys, dormers and other areas that need protecting. Once plugged in, the cables provide enough heat to keep the ice and snow that lands on the roof from freezing to the surface.

During a late fall or early winter inspection, contractors will pay special attention to the gutters and downspouts. Gutters serve an important role in the structure of a roof and keep moisture from accumulating on the roof. Downspouts work with those gutters to keep the moisture off the house and from potentially damaging the foundation of the home. A simple inspection will reveal if there is any damage to the downspouts or gutters that will keep those features from working effectively during the colder months. Contractors may install ties or supports that keep the gutters flush with the roof and secure the downspouts to the gutters. Those ties ensure that both the gutters and downspouts will remain attached to the house throughout the winter and long into the spring and summer.

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