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Finding the telltale signs of moss growth on their roof in thick green clumps can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. When moss begins to grow, it poses several threats to the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the roof. Moss typically causes shingles to hoist up, which allows water to seep beneath and causes leaks or rotting. Raised shingles from moss growth also are more likely to be torn off during high winds. Luckily, Bergen County roofing professionals stand behind several different methods for preventing moss buildup.

Firstly, a surefire way that homeowners can stop moss from growing is by giving their roof more access to sunlight. Keep trees surrounding the home trimmed to avoid overshadowing the surface and creating a haven for moss. In some cases, trees may need to be removed to keep the roof from being too shaded. It's also advised that homeowners clean their roofs of debris like tree branches, leaves, and pine needles that may clog the valleys.

Creating an acidic surface is another cost-effective method for keeping the roof free from moss long-term. Common household staples like orange juice, lemon juice, distilled vinegar, and other liquids with a pH level below 4.0 will be most efficient. Spraying the roof or current moss growth with these products will hinder the moss.

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Since some acidic items can erode certain roofing materials, homeowners should dilute the mixture with water to prevent any corrosion.

If moss persists, homeowners should contact a roofing contractor to inquire about some professional options available to stop moss growth. There are several types of treated roof shingles that contain fungicides that will keep the surface free from moss as well as lichens and algae. Having zinc, aluminum, or copper flashing installed on the roof can also help slowly kill the moss as their metal extracts are washed over the surface. When used carefully, some chemical treatment solutions are also safe to use in killing green plant life lining a roof.

Having moss growth on their roof is a potentially harmful situation that homeowners shouldn't take lightly. Not only can moss cause unsightly green or black stains, but it can also cause significant structural damage that requires costly replacement. Homeowners can protect their financial investment by keeping the roof clear of debris and well lit by sunshine. When all else fails, consult with a reliable roofing professional to find a safe solution for killing moss without putting the roof, the home's inhabitants, or the environment at risk.

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