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Many homeowners choose composite roofs due to the low initial cost of asphalt shingles. However, your job isn't over once you've decided to go with asphalt shingles. Several different types of asphalt shingles exist that provide your home with resistance against environmental hazards such as heat, fire, hail and heavy snow. The next time you need to re-roof your home, consider how different types of shingles improve your house's ability to withstand the natural elements.

For instance, Bergen County roofing companies are going to recommend shingles that protect your home against the regional weather extremes. The most common type of protection is water resistance. Fiberglass shingles are generally more resistant to pouring rain than their organic cousins. Water run-off can cut years off the lifespan of a roof, so for those dealing with a lot of rain, it's a better idea to go with fiberglass shingles than organic.

Another major challenge many homeowners deal with is wind damage. Wind damage, especially during a heavy storm, can bend and warp improperly installed shingles. You'll want to ask your roofing contractor about the wind rating of their shingle selection. In general, UL 997 Wind Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials Class 1 shingles provide the best wind resistance.

Occasionally, storms pose a different type of threat to your roof: hail damage.

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Even minor hail storms can cause significant damage to the structure of individual shingles. Repeated hailstorms make shingles more brittle, increasing the likelihood of damage to your roof's under-decking. UL 2218 Class 4 shingles are the best for preventing damage to your roof during a hailstorm.

Fire resistance is another important consideration, one that scales up in priority with the cost of your home. If you're worried about how your roof might perform if struck by lightning or hit by fireworks, this is another instance in which you'll want to avoid organic asphalt shingles altogether. As far as fiberglass shingles are concerned, UL 790 Class A shingles provide the best protection.

On a related note, you may want to consider how solar resistance plays into roof durability. While not as immediate of a concern as wind and fire resistance, solar damage can slowly break down protective components within your shingles, taking years off your roof's life. On top of that, solar resistance may also help improve cooling costs during the summer.

Not all types of shingles are aimed at impacting durability. For example, some manufacturers carry shingles that are resistant to algae. Though algae isn't known to reduce the lifespan of a roof, its unsightly appearance has the potential to reduce property value. Since cleaning algae presents major safety and logistical challenges to the average homeowner, purchasing algae-resistant shingles helps to avoid larger headaches down the line.

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