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As the world braces for a slew of natural hazards from global warming, many environmentally conscious homeowners are considering doing their part for the planet by installing a green roofing system. Also called living roofs or rooftop gardens, green roofs are building surfaces that are partially or entirely covered with growing vegetation. Americans have hopped onto the green roofing trend after Europe to promote a more eco friendly living environment and make neglected rooftop space more useful. Enlisting the expertise of a Bergen County roofing company will help homeowners weigh some of the below pros and cons on green roofs.

Green roofs are highly successful at reducing the temperature atop the roofing surface on hot, sunny days. Since the plants need dirt to grow, green roofs have an extra layer of insulation that protects the building's surface from generating excess heat. Plants are also lighter in color than the traditional black or brown asphalt shingles, thus reflecting more sunshine. For this reason, green roofs can be up to 50 degrees cooler than their counterparts can.

Another benefit of green roofing is that it allows plants to thrive and generate fresh oxygen for improved air quality. Plants will absorb the carbon dioxide that's cranked out by vehicles and even human beings to complete photosynthesis. In turn, cleaner and more pure air can be breathed in by all surrounding residents.

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Green roofs also do their part to prevent flooding by making good use of rainwater falling from the sky in storms. Although not all water will be absorbed, significantly less will be fed into the street's drainage system.

On the other hand, green roofing systems come with their fair share of disadvantages that homeowners should know before making this commitment. Green roofs won't work if the plants die, so there will be regular maintenance needs to keep even hardy plants growing strong. It's common for green roofs to spring leaks or have malfunctioning HVAC equipment. Problems can require hiring a roofing professional to dig through the garden, make the repair and replant.

Green roofs are considerably more expensive than standard roofing systems due to their rather complex designs. Installing a green roof will cost anywhere from $8 to $40 per square foot. Plus, there's the added landscaping costs of maintaining a beautiful garden. Plants also welcome in a plethora of insects, rodents, reptiles and birds, so there's also the risk of structural damage by these creatures. Having a green roofing system isn't for everyone, but homeowners who decide that the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks should consult with an experienced green roofing specialist.

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