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Roofing technology has been evolving continuously for years, providing many new and unusual roofing options available for new construction or upgrades to existing buildings. Vinyl roofing has been in use for decades, but it is becoming more commonly used with residences, small businesses and other constructions with large expanses of roof and some sort of camber. Experienced Bergen County roofing professionals can give home and business owners an idea of how this type of roof can be advantageous to them.

Polyvinyl chloride has increased dramatically in popularity as a roofing surface for a variety of reasons. Covering the roof with a single large sheet of PVC confers any number of remarkable advantages. PVC roofing is extraordinarily energy efficient because the unbroken white surface reflects away much of the sun's excess heat in the winter but absorbs the rays and holds them tightly in the winter. A PVC roof can reach as much as 70 percent reflectivity, far more than the 6 to 26 percent that asphalt shingles typically get. The efficiency with which the roof sheds the heat from the summer sun will translate directly into lower climate control costs.

A PVC roof also has unparalleled abilities to shed rain and resist decay. A properly installed PVC roof can be completely waterproof.

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Some vinyl roofs have been installed and in operation for more than 25 years, and they are proving to hold up as well or better than other roofing materials.

PVC roofs also have one other tremendous advantage over most other surfaces. PVC happens to be the ideal roofing material for "green" roofs, or roofs that are covered with living and growing plants. The benefits to green roofs are tremendous both for the house and for the community. They are undeniably attractive and extremely energy efficient. The thermal mass of the soil helps keep the heat in during the winter and maintains reasonable temperatures in the summer. The roof will also hold and recycle water much more efficiently than any other system possible as well as producing healthy breathable air and perhaps even food. PVC works brilliantly as a substrate for such a roof, forming an impermeable and root resistant layer that bars leakage or other forms of degradation.

The best part is that PVC can be produced for relatively little expenditure of energy as the main ingredient in its fabrication is salt. It can also be easily recycled, even when the material has been in operation for decades.

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