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One of the worst feelings is when you hear that faint drip only to look up and realize that water is seeping through your ceiling. As the dread sets in, you chastise yourself, thinking what you could have done to prevent the pain you know is coming as you shell out your hard-earned money and invest the time to either fix the leak yourself or have a professional come correct the issue for you.

Unfortunately, many people have encountered situations like the one above. This can lead to a fear of roofs that tempts individuals into meddling with their home and causing more harm than good when there was never an issue to begin with. So then, how can you know when it is appropriate to re-roof your home?

First and foremost, the best decision will almost always be to consult a professional Bergen County roofing professional to come out and assess your home to be sure that you are safe from future leaks as well as other issues that could arise from neglecting to maintain the part of your home above your head. This option will certainly assuage any concerns you may have and prepare you for the worst.

Some homeowners, however, are on a tight budget and may not be able to afford this option or are too stubborn to allow someone else to do what they feel capable of doing themselves. Should you fall into this category, there is hope. Regularly inspecting your roof is crucial to catch problem areas before they develop into serious issues. This doesn't mean neurotically checking it every week, though.

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Two thorough inspections a year, one in fall and one in spring, should suffice to catch minimal deterioration.

Beginning on the inside of your home, look for any signs of sagging or cracks, especially in concrete areas, that need to be addressed and are signs of moisture buildup. Wooden areas will either show signs of mildew or mold or split after drying. Regardless of the material, any sign of daylight through your ceiling is an indication that repairs are needed.

From the outside, inspect your shingles. If they are worn bald or even missing, this is yet another indicator that you will need repairs in the near future. You can also check your gutters for silty deposits from your shingles that are also a sign of wear and tear. Also check around your chimney and any other structures that protrude from the roof for signs of cracking and deterioration as broken seals will also lead to leaks.

Most importantly, before checking your roof from the outside, make sure that you have taken the proper safety precautions and do not take unnecessary risks. No amount of saved inspection or repair costs are worth your well-being. If you feel comfortable, then you may be as thorough as you wish.

Following these guidelines can help ease your mind that your home is safe while keeping you from making costly mistakes by re-roofing your home too soon. In the end, how you choose to inspect your home is your decision, but these tips can help you to make that decision.

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