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When Old Man Winter keeps hurling snow at you and you've just about had it with all the storms, you may be wondering about the state of your roof. While your roof can probably take a lot of abuse in regards to the weather, there are just some things that can become unbearable literally. When you've got several hundred pounds of snow on your roof that keep accumulating with each storm, possibly icing over in between, you may wonder how much more the roof can take before a disaster results. Bergen County roofing professionals can provide snow removal from your roof as part of your winter maintenance plan to keep that heavy snow from caving in a portion of your roof.

The exact amount of snow your roof can take can be figured mathematically, but basically it all depends on the mix of water to snow, the presence of ice dams, what kind of snow it is and whether you have existing structural problems to begin with. If you have a sloped roof, the snow accumulation on your roof won't be as much as the ground snow load, but it can still cause pressure. If you have a flat roof, the chances for structural damage are greater because the snow has nowhere else to go and will pile up.

Referred to as snow loading, the downward force that's exerted on your home by the snow's weight can have adverse effects on your roof, especially if you have inadequate insulation with poor ventilation, multiple layers of re-roofing or previous repairs that were done improperly.

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Many factors contribute to snow loading, such as the pitch of your roof, wind drifts, smaller structures such as sheds and lean-tos that experience drops of snow from larger roofs above, the number of valleys on your roof that can collect more snow than other areas, and the type of roof; snow melts off metal much more readily than asphalt shingles.

The roofing professional you choose should be well-versed in snow removal when it comes to all kinds of residential and commercial roofs. Having a roof snow removal plan in place before the big storms strike is essential. This ensures regular removal of snow, which can pile up with each storm, eventually leading to roof collapses. This is especially a risk to commercial clients, who often have flat roofs that can weaken with the season's freeze and thaw cycles. Removing snow before these disasters happen can prevent damage to buildings, reduced productivity due to roof repairs, big financial losses and increased risk of harm to occupants.

Never attempt to get up on your own roof in the winter as the risk of slips and falls is too great. Rely on your trusted roofing professionals to tackle this job they have the ladders, safety harnesses and tools, such as roof rakes, to perform safe snow removal.

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