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Every homeowner living on the East Coast has to deal with the effects of snowfall on their homes and roofs. Those who live near the Atlantic Ocean and other bodies of water in the state may experience drifting or blowing snow. When wind comes off ocean water, it causes snow to drift across lawns and over roofs. As the snow builds up on the roof, it can add so much weight that it crashes through the roof's structure. The snow may also melt and drip off the roof, causing a problem known as an ice dam or resulting in the formation of icicles. Bergen County roofing companies can assist homeowners in cleaning snow and ice off their roofs in order to reduce the risks of these problems forming.

One simple way to remove snow from a roof is with heat cables. Also known as heating cables, these devices can melt through thick sheets of ice. The cables are lightweight and flexible, which allows contractors to lay the cables down on the roof and wrap them around chimneys, dormers and other fixtures. One end of the cable plugs into any extension cord or outlet.

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The cables give off enough heat to completely melt any frozen ice on the roof. Though contractors typically install these cables before the start of the winter season, they can also install the cables after the first snow fall or later in the year.

A roof rake is another way to remove accumulated ice and snow from a roof. Roof rakes look similar to a traditional roof but have a series of sharp edges and points that slide into larger chunks of ice. This allows professionals to carefully pull the rakes across the roof and bring down ice and snow. Some professionals use heat guns and other devices to melt the top layer of ice, which lets them penetrate deeper into the ice and remove larger pieces.

Hiring a local roofing company to remove ice is the best way for homeowners to keep themselves safe. Ice and snow can leave the roof extremely slick, which can result in homeowners falling off the roof or otherwise injuring themselves. Professionals know how to get across the roof even during bad weather conditions and how to remove the ice and snow in a safe manner. Roofing companies have access to safety equipment that its contractors can wear and professional equipment that homeowners do not typically have to remove snow and ice.

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