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When an entire roof or an entire section of roof is in need of repair, it's usually time to call in a trusted Bergen County roofing company. Nevertheless, there will be times during its lifespan that a roof requires maintenance that only extends to a few shingles or less. In such cases, it's often far more cost-effective for the homeowner to perform the repair or replacement themselves.

Perhaps the most common type of damage that shingles succumb to is curling. This usually occurs at one or both of the outward corners, and it happens because the adhesive has dried up and is no longer effective. To repair the curled shingle, apply a dab of roofing sealant under the corner. Then place a brick on the corner and leave it there for 24 hours. Note that by inspecting your roof regularly, you can spot shingle curling in its earliest stages; however, the above technique works regardless of how severe the curl is as long as the shingle hasn't cracked yet.

If a shingle has cracked or torn, at a corner or some other aspect of the shingle, you can still repair it in a similar fashion. The first step is to apply a light amount of roofing sealant beneath the shingle, all along the entire crack or tear. Press down firmly. Once the shingle is in proper place, apply a light amount of roof sealant on top of the shingle, all along the entire crack or tear.

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Once applied, spread the sealant out evenly using a putty knife, then set a brick on top and leave it there for 24 hours.

If the shingle is missing a piece, then you'll need to swap it out. In addition to sealant, replacing a shingle requires spare shingles, 11/4-inch roofing nails, a hammer, a utility knife and a flat pry bar. You may have shingles left behind from the last roof installation, which is common. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a small bundle. A perfect color match is often difficult to achieve, so just match it as close as possible.

Every shingle is secured by four nails, and the bottom nails serve as the top nails for the shingle below. Therefore, you'll first have to remove the bottom nails from the shingle above the one you're trying to replace. Do this carefully because you'll want to leave that good shingle intact. Likewise, you'll have to be very careful when removing the bottom nails of the shingle being replaced. At that point, the hard work is done. Now, you just need to apply the sealant, put the shingle in place, hammer in the bottom nails, put the top shingle in place and then hammer down those top nails.

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