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Roofers typically offer inspection services for both residential and commercial clients. It may be necessary to get inspections on your roof on a regular basis by a qualified professional in order to keep the roof in good working order. Catching small problems now can prevent bigger problems down the road. Relying on Bergen County roofing experts with extensive backgrounds in roof inspection training is a must for a skilled, thorough job.

Roofing contractors who specialize in inspections must be licensed and carry the proper insurance for your state. Inspectors can provide clients with full reports on the state of their existing roof as well as estimates on the costs for repair or even for a new roofing system if needed. Contractors like Precision Roofing can provide you with a baseline exam of your existing roof condition, which is a critical element in the ongoing maintenance of the structure.

Protecting all components of your roof is important, from ridge and hip shingles to ventilation systems and waterproofing materials. Using cheap materials in roof construction will show up in the form of leaks, peeling and cracking shingles, and other damage that can end up costing you a lot. Through the use of state-of-the-art tools and devices, such as infrared equipment, professionals can check for cracks, leaks, uneven seams and other issues not readily seen with the naked eye.

There are many reasons why you may need a roof inspection aside from being part of your regular maintenance plan.

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Perhaps you are selling or buying a home. In this case, a roofing inspector would make sure the roof is solidly constructed with the proper waterproofing technique and no cracks or leaks. Inspectors can also check for shingles that are curling, split, loose, blistered or missing, which can also become a safety hazard and potentially lead to leaks. This, in turn, can lead to even more damage to the structure of the roof, ceilings and walls.

Roofing inspectors often work in conjunction with insurance adjusters, real estate agents and other firms to provide reports on damage, loss and causation. Their job is to identify where roof and building leaks may be coming from, diagnosing and investigating potential sources. As part of their visual roof surveys, inspectors also check out the condition of related roofing components such as sheet metal, drainage systems and flashings. They will document their findings and provide advice on corrective action.

After inspection, roofers can offer their services for repair and replacement of tiles and shingles. They can also fix and patch leaks, checking other areas of the home for possible related damage to rooftop equipment, the attic or walls and ceilings inside. Getting your roof inspected is a good step toward maintaining the integrity of your home's structure.

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