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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Roofing Maintenance and Its Benefits

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Roofing maintenance may seem simple, but failing to prioritize your annual roofing tune-up can leave you in a frustrating position during stormy weather. Your roof is your main defense against environmental factors in your home, and the effects of a compromise in your roofing system can range from serious leaks and water damage to uncomfortable indoor conditions. Your inspection involves more than just a casual look at the top of your home, and your Bergen County roofing professional is trained to notice subtle factors that could spell trouble if left unaddressed.

Exterior issues affecting your roof can be significant. Seasonal environmental activity can cause weathering and deterioration, making a careful inspection of your shingles and other external structural components critical. Shingles may demonstrate buckling, bubbling, cracking, bending or curling as signs of wear. You may notice that some shingles lift. While a couple of shingles displaying damage may not be a serious concern, an abundance of damaged roofing components may indicate that re-roofing is needed. Your roofing specialist can observe minor issues and recommend preventive treatments to extend the life of your system. It's easy for a homeowner to dismiss these minor issues because of their limited magnitude, not realizing that more serious problems could result from ignoring the small issues.

An inspection of your roofing system should include the attic, ceilings and walls in your house as well. Interior issues to note include evidence of water stains.

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Additionally, an attic inspection provides information about the integrity of the roofing system as a whole. The ability to see pinpoints of light through the attic ceiling, for example, may indicate that there are breaches in the roof. Evidence of leaks is important as your contractor looks for clues as to locating the sources. Your roofing contractor may also assess features like attic insulation and ventilation to be sure that your roofing system's integrity isn't compromised by excessive heat retention.

Your contractor should also evaluate the condition of roofing accessories and trim. Gutters should be cleared of debris, and fascia and soffits need to be inspected for deterioration and wear. Soffits may need to be cleared of obstructions as well because of the role they play in proper attic ventilation.

A maintenance visit is an excellent time to broach subjects such as the life of your roofing system and your interest in renovations or updates. While some updates may be manageable without the assistance of your contractor, it's always important to discuss any improvements that may penetrate the roof. You may also want to have your contractor evaluate issues like storm preparedness. As you work with your contractor over time, you will be able to deal with minor roofing issues with confidence. You will also be able to access expert assistance readily when you do have problems.

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