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The roofing trade involves properly waterproofing exterior surfaces as well as a number of other related disciplines which are necessary components of a properly executed roofing project. Carpentry work is a common element associated with the construction of roofs, involving many of the following repairs or modifications.

When the outer layers of the roof are removed, it is often discovered that the substrate has rotting wood, which requires replacement. Roofing carpentry is the process of either repairing areas of damaged wood or removing it entirely and replacing it.

Roof rafters are wooden structures found below the substrate that support the load of the roof structure, the weight of any HVAC equipment and the waterproofing materials. The experienced Bergen County roofing professionals at Precision Roofing are skilled in completing the necessary structural woodwork, including repairing and replacing beams, trusses and rafters.

Sloping roofs which show signs of warped deck surfaces or appear very undulated are warning signs that roof rafters may be cracked or that condensation has had a negative impact on the decking over time. For shingle warranties to be valid, manufacturers require that a sound and even deck be present. To reduce the potential for damage, the most cost-effective way to improve drainage is by sloping the roof to flow toward the drain. Experienced roofers are able to make this modification to the underlying woodwork.

There are also many architectural details of a roof which involve natural wood finishes, such as porch under-hangs and related fascia boards, frieze moldings, dentil work trim, and tongue and groove soffits.

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A qualified roofer is able to repair or replace all of these details that add to the aesthetic character of the home. Since this carpentry affects the outside appearance of your home, you want the detailing to be done by experienced professionals.

Exterior trim detailing with contemporary home designs is fairly simple, involving door and window trim, soffits, and gable-end and cornice trim. Most of these finishing details are cut and fitted on the job. With traditional home designs, there is much more carpentry work involved, including shutters, railings, posts and louvers. Due to the intricate nature of this work, these parts are fabricated in a shop and delivered to your home ready to be fastened. Many of these wood details need to be replaced when a roof is being done as they are exposed to the harsh elements, which take a toll on the wood.

Roof sheathing covers the rafters or roof joists, provides a nailing base for the finish roof covering and adds strength to the framing of the roof. Lumber and plywood are the most commonly used materials for roofs with a pitch. If significant water has penetrated the outer layers of the roof and the sheathing has been exposed over a prolonged period of time, then it is likely that it will have to be replaced when the roof is redone.

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