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It may be tempting to do your own roofing maintenance and repair. Homeowners often choose this route for the sake of saving money, realizing that their own labor is much more affordable than paying a contractor. Others choose to handle servicing their own roofing system because of timing, wanting to deal with a problem promptly rather than wait for assistance. Still others are confident in their DIY abilities, not feeling that they need the input of a Bergen County roofing professional. While one or more of these factors may prompt you to consider doing your own work on your roof, there are some equally important areas to think about that favor asking an expert to assist.

Safety is one of the biggest reasons for deferring to professional service. Whether it involves inspecting the gutters, replacing the flashing or patching a cracked shingle, the need to climb a ladder places an individual at some risk of falling. There are three major categories of ladder accidents, and those not trained in proper safety techniques may fall victim to any of these. Using the wrong ladder for the job, using a ladder that is in poor condition or using a ladder improperly can place you at risk of falling.

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Some risky behaviors while using a ladder include holding objects while climbing or descending, wearing oily shoes, failing to brace the bottom or secure the top of a ladder, failing to inspect a ladder or failing to read written material related to the safe use of ladders. Although you may feel confident about ladder use, it's always wise to refresh your memory about safety protocol to ensure that you don't make any of these most common errors.

Another important reason to work with a roofing contractor is guarantees and warranties. If your existing roofing system carries a warranty or guarantee, the terms probably include requirements related to professional maintenance and service. If professional maintenance is spelled out in policy documents, then adhering to these terms may affect your ability to make claims in the future. Additionally, a contractor is trained in servicing and repairing roofing systems, meaning that they will use the correct tools and products for the job. Inexperienced homeowner efforts can lead to further damage at times, resulting in more serious problems and greater repair costs.

A final reason to opt for professional assistance is confidence in the outcome. With a knowledgeable professional on the job, you can expect results that will be satisfactory. Doing your own work may leave you guessing and checking, uncertain about how your repair will hold up when weather conditions are adverse. Selecting a handyman rather than an experienced roofer can be limited in results, especially if your helper isn't a roofing specialist. Additionally, licensed professionals are usually subject to governmental oversight that can offer protection to you as a consumer if the completed work falls short of reasonable expectations.

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