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When a homeowner suspects a problem with a roof, thermography is a proven technique that experienced Bergen County roofing contractors can use. Thermographic imaging is a helpful tool that can show damage that is difficult to detect without tearing off layers of the rooftop. With these digital tools, roofers can efficiently determine what condition a roof is in and perform reliable repairs or replacements as needed.

Thermographic or infrared cameras show where air leaks and moisture intrusion may be occurring on a home's roof. They can be used with any type of roofing material, so it does not matter whether a home has asphalt shingles, wood shakes or metal panels. This technology is also useful on clay, concrete and slate roofs. The heat detection system can "see" through multiple layers of a roof and is usually performed at the ground level or from a ladder. The roofer simply scans the camera across the roof's entire surface while another person views the images on a screen.

Thermography is especially helpful when there is a significant safety hazard on top of home's roof. This safety hazard can be something as simple as a layer of snow or ice.

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A person would not be able to ascend a ladder and walk across a roof covered in frozen precipitation. Using this setup allows contractors to determine where a roof leak is located or whether the roof's support structure is about to give way due to too much weight from snow or ice buildup.

The infrared technology is also useful for detecting wet insulation. A small roof leak around chimney flashing, a vent opening or a furnace flue could allow water to slowly seep in even if the roof's surface appears to be in good condition. The moisture absorbed by the insulation would show a particular signal on the cameras, allowing the roofers to pinpoint the area in need of repair. Instead of replacing an entire roof, the contractors may only need to fix a small section of flashing or felt underlayment. This can save homeowners a considerable amount of money.

There are many reasons why roofers are employing this technology. The scanning is fast and highly accurate and helps roofers detect small issues before they become huge problems. Additionally, it does not require any invasive techniques. The equipment is lightweight and portable, and the imaging provides documentation of problems for future reference. The inspections can be done to detect problems or as part of routine maintenance. These inspections are also useful during the purchase or sale of a house.

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