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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Sealing an Existing Roof

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It is important that a roof is able to protect a home against water, wind and pest damage. This is why it homeowners should have it inspected at least once a year by a Bergen County roofing expert to ensure that there is no rot or structural weakness that could leave the home vulnerable to the elements. In the event that deficiencies are found, a homeowner needs to take action right away to fix them.

Two common options are to either replace a portion of a roof that may be damaged or replace the entire roof. However, both of these options require a lot of money to be spent upfront. Therefore, it may be better to have the roof sealed by a qualified roofing professional. Roof sealing may be especially viable for those who have flat roofs that are made from rubber.

When a flat roof is sealed, it can protect against materials becoming brittle and weak after being exposed to the elements over many years. In some cases, it can delay the need to replace the roof by several years. Although sealants are easier to use and more effective on a flatter surface, recent advances may make them viable on sloped roofs as well.

Homeowners who wish to seal a sloped roof should understand that it will likely cost more to have the work done.

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They should also know that for sloped roofs, sealing shingles is seen as a stopgap measure that may allow a homeowner another year or two before a completely new roof needs to be put on the home.

As sealants may run, the shingles themselves may not present well from ground level. This is because they may not dry evenly, which could lead to streaks or excess material being left on or around the shingles. It is also possible that sealant will run off the roof and make contact with anything underneath it such as grass, people or vehicles. A homeowner should make sure that anything at ground level near the roof is moved to a safer location.

While sealing a roof will not permanently extend its useful life, it could allow homeowners time to address other issues before committing a large sum of money toward a new roof. Ideally, sealing will take place long before the roof is critically damaged or at the end of its useful life. Although it can be done more than once, sealing a roof multiple times could cause shingle damage. Therefore, it is important to consult with a contractor before such work is done.

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