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Homeowners seeking a cozy, comfortable and leak-free home need to have a solid roof over their heads. Roof problems can be very subtle and make it hard for a homeowner to realize that attention is needed, so having some knowledge about the signs that indicate a roof is in need of repair or replacement can help one respond accordingly. Bergen County roofing experts are usually on standby to offer professional roofing help. The signs discussed below should prompt a homeowner to seek roofing expertise from these qualified professionals.

Curling shingles are a common problem that signals your roof may need some attention. Shingles can either curl upwards, which is referred to as cupping, or downward, which is referred to as clawing. Regardless of whether your shingles are cupping or clawing, it is the result of weathering and could result in leaks, so any curling issues should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Missing shingles are another sign of wear and tear. Shingles can get displaced by harsh weather such as rain and wind storms. Missing shingles will most likely need replacement. Worn out shingles tend to change in color, which is unsightly and a sign that they may need to be replaced. Cracking is another issue caused by weather, and it could lead to leaks that result in more severe damage to the underlying structures.

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If a homeowner is noticing missing, discolored and/or cracked shingles, it is probably best to contact a local roofer for an inspection right away.

Granules collecting in the gutter may be a sign of roof damage. If the shingle granules begin to collect immediately after a roof installation, it is no cause for alarm because it is natural for new shingles to shed some of their granules. However, if the presence of granules is seen after 10 to 15 years, then the roof needs professional attention. Granules are an important shingle component that helps reflect the harmful rays of the sun. When they fall off, the roof is left vulnerable to deterioration and damage.

Asphalt roofing lasts about 20 to 30 years. So, even if none of the aforementioned problems are occurring, it is wise to call in the experts once the roofing system reaches this age. Postponing the replacement could cause the roof to give way, which could result in significant damage to the rest of your property. Although it is a big investment, replacing an aging roof before it fails could help you save money in the long run.

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