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Slate roofs are known for their long lifespans, aesthetic appeal and durability. Although installation of a slate roof requires a considerable upfront investment, it may be the only roof that a house ever needs. Local Bergen County roofing contractors can help homeowners choose from different styles of slate rooftops to achieve their desired finished look.

Standard slate roofs are the most common option and are the easiest and fastest to install. These standard-sized tiles can be used to create a simple roof that showcases the natural colors and variegated shades. Roofers can select multiple colors of tiles and create an appealing pattern. Two or more colors can be used in the creation of mosaic or Fair Isle designs.

Textural slate is another popular choice. These tiles range from 0.17 to 0.38 inches thick, and a range of thicknesses are used on the same roof. During the installation, roofers will place tiles of different thicknesses next to each other to create a dimensional effect. The coarse texture creates visually appealing shadows to give the roof character. This is a style often used on more rustic homes.

An intermingled slate roof has a cobbled appearance.

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A ratio of two thin tiles to one thick tile is used to create a complex looking design. A number of colors are typically used on an intermingled roof. The contractors usually install the tiles so that no neighboring tiles have the same thickness or color. A roof in this style could have thicknesses of 0.25, 0.38 and 0.5 inches. Other popular slate arrangement styles include staggered butts, which avoid vertical alignment and do not use irregularly shaped tiles.

Heavy slates are no longer commonly used because they require that a home's roof be outfitted with extra structural supports. Extensive bracing and supporting beams are needed because these thick tiles can add thousands of extra pounds of weight. Heavy slates measure at least 0.38 inches thick but can be up to 0.58 inches thick. Their edges are roughly shaped and often jagged and uneven. Roofers will check the attic space for problems like sagging or split rafters, joists and trusses due to the weight of these roofs.

Graduated slate roofing is a style in which larger and thicker tiles are used at the eaves and smaller and thinner tiles are placed along the roof's ridge. This style is most often used on large buildings like churches, but it can also be used on large homes as well.

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