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Modern solar home technology has come in three major appreciable waves, all of which have enjoyed some level of popularity in New Jersey homes. The first, earliest and possibly most efficient solar system is the solar water heater. This was a common innovation in the 1960s and 1970s, and it was often built as an integral part of the roofs of the homes of that era. There are vastly advanced new systems available for those who wish to retrofit or upgrade an existing system. Electricity generation with solar panels has been possible since the 1980s and has been practical in the New Jersey environment since the turn of the century. Earlier problems of cloud cover and short days in the winter have been greatly overcome, and the technology to economically connect one's roof solar panels to the power grid has improved by leaps and bounds. There are also fewer issues with roof fires and safety than ever before. Bergen County roofing professionals will be able to properly installed a new system or completely redesign an existing one.

Solar water heaters, although they were tremendously efficient, were thought to be somewhat unsafe and difficult to use. Earlier models simply concentrated the heat in the water and then stored it. Water is a excellent thermal battery but a difficult medium to store as there are issues of mold and corrosion.

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Modern designs radically reduce the amount of liquid held but increase the amount of heat output, easily and economically producing enough for a family or a business the year round.

Electrical panels that generate electrical power from sunlight are perhaps the most familiar to the general public. They require a roof with the proper slope and facing, and the electrical wiring must be done by a professional. Although these panels have been installed and operational since the 1980s, newer systems are less intrusive and easier to implement. Lately, property owners have begun to use tiny solar panels, which about the size of roofing shingles, that can be plugged together by any reputable roofing corporation. This avoids most problems related to earlier systems as the risk of fires and shocks are less. It is also a more versatile system and can be implemented anywhere the sun hits the roof. There is no need to create a load bearing structure to hold large quartz panels. The lower per unit cost of solar shingles means that they can be added to the house gradually as opposed to larger systems that must be installed as a piece.

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