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Solar power is ecofriendly, and it can lower electricity bills. The great thing about solar power is that it can be used in almost every location. Installation methods may vary according to the amount of sunlight and space that is available. Of course, installation costs will change based the difficulty of placement, but solar power is certainly usable on almost every home or business.

Bergen County roofing professionals will first look at the amount of power you need and estimate the number of panels that will provide that power. Based on that estimate, they will design an installation pattern. If a roof is very steep, installation may require cranes or other equipment and that would raise the cost. Likewise, a very flat roof will need additional racks to hold the panels at a correct angle. Installation costs may be higher on roofs with slate tiles or shake shingles as well because, no matter how experienced and careful the roofers are, it is impossible to walk on these roofs for installation without damaging them. Of course, the roofer will repair the damages, but it may increase costs somewhat.

Homeowners need to look carefully at the warranty on their existing roof. If the roof is in great shape or if there are 5 or 10 years left on the warranty, solar tiles may be applied on the existing roof. If there is a lot of weathering or damage to the roof or if the warranty is close to expiration, homeowners will want to repair or replace the roof before adding the solar component.

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This increases cost at the time but will ultimately save money if the solar panels must be removed later to repair the roof.

After designing the layout, the installer will order the correct number and type of solar panels or tiles to be delivered to the site. The roofers will bolt mounts to the strongest rafters in the installation area. Then, they will apply sealants around the bolts to make sure water cannot get in through the opening. Sometimes, roofers also install a metal flashing to further protect the roof. Then, parallel rails are attached to the mounts, and the solar panels or tiles are attached to the rails. If a roof is too small to hold the panels or if the amount of daily sunlight is not sufficient, the panels may be installed in a backyard or an adjacent area on poles. If the last option is used, costs may rise slightly because roofers must dig a trench from the poles to the electrical system in which to lay the wires.

Solar power will add value to any home, and a trusted installer can do the installation quickly and efficiently.

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