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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Sources Of A Leaky Roof

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You might start noticing water spots appear out of nowhere on the floor, or you may even get hit on the head by stray droplets. If this has been happening to you for a week or so, then you may have a leak in your Bergen County roofing. A small leak could turn into a problematic torrent rather quickly, so it's best to address the source of the issue straight away. Here are some of the most common causes of leaky rooftops.

One source of leaks can be missing shingles. When a roof is put in place, a membrane is laid down, and the shingles are stapled or nailed down onto it. This pokes holes into the membrane. As long as the shingles are placed in an an overlapping pattern, there is no risk of a major leak. However, if the shingles are damaged or torn off due to bad weather conditions, then you could have patches of your rooftop with lots of little holes in the membrane, leading to leaks the next time it rains. If your shingles are curling, cupping or cracked, this can also lead to less coverage and thus leaks in your roof.

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Do you have a lot of debris on your rooftop? If you experience a lot of rainfall and there are leaves, branches and other things on your roof, then you could be setting yourself up for a leak. Given enough time, these items will infest your rooftop with mold and mildew, which weakens the roof's structural integrity and can lead to massive holes appearing. Keep your roof as clean as possible to prevent this from happening as it can also trigger a roof collapse.

If the joints near your chimney or other areas are weak or broken, then you may have another source of a roof leak on your hands. Those sections are meant to seal holes in your rooftop made by skylights, chimney flues and even windows. If they are cracked or worn, water could start seeping into your home. Your metal flashing can cause similar problems if damage is left unattended.

Another cause of leaky rooftops can be improperly fitted fascia or soffits. If these are not placed correctly around your rooftop, they are susceptible to serious damage. All it takes is for just one section to be rendered useless by a storm.

If you don't catch the source of a leak as quickly as possible, then you can risk long-term damage to your home. Check every part of your roof before you patch up one section of it, as the leak could easily spread elsewhere. With a little effort and dedication, you can find the sources of a leaky roof and fix it quickly.

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