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Rising temperatures often signal homeowners that it's time to start spring cleaning, but many fail to remember the roof in their to do list. After a long, snowy New York winter, it's important that roofs get some attention to stay in the best shape possible. A series of small, simple checkup tasks completed in the spring can help extend the lifespan of the roof for years. In addition to scheduling basic roof maintenance service from a Bergen County roofing company, the following are some essential spring cleaning chores for homeowners to protect their roof.

Firstly, homeowners should take the time to thoroughly clean out their gutters to free leaves and other debris that can cause water to back up on the roof. In preparation for rain during late spring and summer thunderstorms, it's essential that gutters be in perfect working condition. Avoid flushing the gutters out before they're cleared because this may result in a clogged downspout. Start by manually cleaning out the clutter and then use a hose to carry away any remaining residue.

Roofs take a beating with snow and ice all winter long, so it's common for excess melting snow to seep beneath the shingles and create water damage.

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Ice damming can also occur in homes that aren't properly ventilated or have an old roof. Look out for any warning signs of water damage within the attic or highest level of the home. When a leak is discovered, quickly call upon a qualified roofing contractor to assess and fix the damage before mold starts growing.

Another step to a roof's spring cleaning is the actual inspection. Rather than risking a fall by climbing atop the roof, simply stand a safe distance from the home and visually inspect the surface. Take notice of any loose, torn, or missing shingles. It's also advised that homeowners search for green clumps of moss or black stains from algae to catch growth before deterioration sets in. If any warning signs are discovered, a roofing professional should be called to bring the proper equipment for closer assessment.

Adding the roof to a long list of spring cleaning essentials is a smart idea for homeowners to protect their investment and keep their roof in tip top shape. Making certain that the roof is clean from leaves, twigs, moss, and other debris is important, but it's never advised to pressure wash a roof because the shingles can become damaged. Follow the above tips and consult with a highly trained roofing contractor to guarantee the roof is well-prepared for the heat of summer.

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