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Before you plan to install a different type of roofing, make sure your Bergen County roofing contractor knows how to calculate the roof pitch. The more pitch your roof has, the better. Precipitation should not be allowed to settle inside the shingles at any time because it leads to cracks in the shingles and water damage to your roof. Having a steep enough slope can prevent settling in the shingles and the associated damage.

All you need to measure your roof pitch is a simple ruler. The key to finding out the pitch of your roof is to measure every 12 inches horizontally along the roof. Between these 12 inches, you will need to measure the height. If your height is 3 inches high, you will have a 3-12 pitch.

If you have room in your attic available, this is an easy spot to take some measurements. When starting out, make sure you have a leveling tool at least 18 inches long, a pencil and good measuring equipment. You could also use a medium-sized ruler if it makes the job easier on you. Using your leveling gadget, mark your first 12 inches from one end. Next, place the end of your level against the bottom of a roof plank.

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Using the bottom part of the rafter, measure the amount of inches it takes to reach the 12-inch mark you made earlier. You can round off this number if you want to. This is the amount of vertical decline your roof has.

Another method to figure out the pitch is to take out a protractor that measures a certain amount of degrees. Holding your new device horizontally straight against the wooden board, make a line with your pen or pencil. Take your protractor and set it upon this line. Look at the degree measurement that lines up with your rafter.

For example, a 3-12 pitch will have a degree measurement of about 14 degrees. This is a common roof pitch for a home in a more humid climate because the weather will almost immediately evaporate any water on the roof.

The amount of pitch a roof has determines the way that the roof will look. If your roof has a lot of pitch, it will look like the end of a sharp pencil. Having the right roof pitch can help you avoid certain kinds of damage to your shingles and roof structure. If rain water is allowed to settle between the shingles, it could take forever for to evaporate. If the shingles are pointed downwards, the water will eventually run down your roof into the gutter. Talk to your roofing contractor to find out more about how pitch affects your roof's structural integrity.

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