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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Trees and Roof Damage

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Although trees provide beauty and shade for your yard, they can potentially cause damage to the roof of your home. Organic debris, broken branches, thick moss and animal damage are all potential issues from nearby trees. Preventive maintenance for your roof and trees will help to preserve the longevity of your Bergen County roofing.

Leaves, seed pods, twigs and needles are shed from trees all year long, and they can pile up on the roof and clog your gutters. Although autumn is typically the time of year when large amounts of fallen tree leaves are common, debris amounts are typically dependent on the type of trees and their location on your property. A buildup of debris in your gutters can prevent the efficient flow of rainwater from your roof, and dry debris can become a fire hazard. A single spark that lands in a gutter full of dry leaves can quickly start a damaging fire in the eaves of your home.

The shade that trees provide can create an ideal environment for moss to grow on your roof. Moss spores can collect in the crevices between the shingles where they take root and thrive.

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Although moss grows slowly, it can damage the shingles with shallow roots and thick mats that retain moisture. Cleaning and preventive maintenance are imperative to ensure that the moss does not penetrate the waterproof roofing materials and cause damaging rainwater leaks into your home.

Branches of nearby trees can also be a hazard as they can scrape across the roofing materials or fall and cause structural damage to your home. All tree branches should be pruned away from your roof to ensure that damage will not occur. A fallen tree can be an extremely damaging event not only to your roof but also to the structure of your home. Preventive maintenance and the removal of diseased or weak trees are necessary to ensure the continued integrity of your roof.

Trees can also allow wild animals to easily access your roof. Squirrels, raccoons and mice can cause damage to your roof and your attic as they search for food or an entrance point. By trimming trees away from your roof, you can avoid nuisance issues with neighborhood wildlife that will no longer have easy access to the upper levels of your home.

Trees provide many benefits and are a wonderful asset to neighborhoods. However, planting them a distance away from your home and trimming the branches back from the roof will prevent future maintenance issues, potential damage and costly repairs.

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