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Many homeowners ask professionals if their attic needs to be ventilated. The answers vary with roofing and HVAC experts, leading to much confusion among homeowners. For customers who have consulted with their Bergen County roofing contractors and decided that attic ventilation is suitable for their home, they can begin to explore the different ventilation options available to them.

Natural attic ventilation takes place in most attics. When a home is built, insulation is added to the attic, and vents are put into place to allow air in and out. This combination can be difficult for some people to understand. Why would insulation seal the heat inside the attic while vents simultaneously allow cold air inside? This is done to keep the attic cold enough to prevent ice dams from forming. Good insulation will keep the heat in the house from entering the attic space in the winter and moves out very hot air in the summer. These ventilation spaces also prevent moisture from building up in the attic. In the summer, this might cause mold, but the moisture can be particularly problematic in the winter. Moisture in such a cold space can create icicles in the soffit and rot the roofing materials.

Some houses need attic fans installed.

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These fans cool attics in hot weather by pulling in the cooler air outside while pushing the hot air out. These have to be installed in attics with attic vents in the soffit or gable. If there isn't any ventilation to the outside, the fan will merely pull the air conditioned air from the house and into the attic. This increases utility bills and puts exponentially more stress on the air conditioning unit.

If an attic isn't insulated, no amount of ventilation will do the home any good. The attic needs to be sealed and insulated to prevent a host of problems in both the summer and winter. Fiberglass insulation is the easiest to install by regular laypeople, and it's the cheapest. If the attic has existing insulation, the fiberglass can be installed as a second layer. It will cover the joists and decrease how much heat is lost through the framing of the house. It's important to never lay insulation over recessed lighting or soffit vents.

With many differing opinions on attic ventilation, the best source to turn to is a local roofing contractor who can inspect the attic and decide on the best course of action.

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