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Cool roofing is a technology designed to control the temperature in buildings and homes. A cool roof works to prevent heat absorption by reflecting light. This means that radiation is emitted back into the air. Cool roofs, therefore, provide a controlled and comfortable indoor environment. They also help lower energy costs by decreasing a homeowner's reliance on their air conditioning unit. There are different types of cool roofs, and Bergen County roofing professionals can offer advice on the most suitable cool roof depending on the application.

A low-sloped roof is a type of cool roof that is characterized by a flat roofline. It also has a small incline to allow for draining. Low-sloped roofs are particularly ideal for commercial buildings, institutions and industries. This is because these buildings have such a large surface area. Again, in such buildings, the roof is a major source of heat, so cool roofs become necessary in order to lower energy costs. Low-sloped roofs may also feature single-ply membranes or built up roofing systems.

Coated roofs are also considered cool roofs. These are basically roofs coated with paint or certain pigments that reflect light from the sun. The coating is composed of a very thick paint that helps with adhesion and improves durability while also serving as protection for a roof's surface from ultra-violet rays and chemical damage.

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Painting a roof also helps to reduce bacterial growth. Cool coatings are more ideal for low-sloped roofs. The coating can be added to an existing roof, and the painting can be done in a multitude of colors.

Foam roofing, a technology that has been in use for decades, is designed to offer insulation, and it provides long-lasting, dependable and affordable roofing for homeowners. The foam used is made from chemicals in their liquid form. These chemicals are mixed to form a lightweight, solid, seamless and flexible foam material. Foam roofs require minimal maintenance, which also results in less wastage.

Steep-sloped roofs are built with an inclined roofline. These roofs are mainly seen in residential buildings. Some of the materials used include shakes, metal and asphalt shingles. Cool roof techniques can be added onto these roofs by applying a cool coating onto an already existing roof. The coating prevents water damage while reflecting heat, and cool roofs go a long way in reducing energy costs. Another advantage with coating a roof, especially in steep-sloped roofs, is the aesthetic appeal. Tiling and shingling can also be added to provide extra cooling on these roofs.

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