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There are a few different kinds of flat roofs available for homes and businesses today. The one you have or choose to install depends on your budget, the structure of your building, the climate and the specialty of your roofer. Enlisting the expertise of your Bergen County roofing professional will help you better make this decision, weighing the pros and cons of each. Any reputable roofer can install these types of roofs, although some can be tackled as a DIY project by an ambitious homeowner.

In general, flat roofs will cost you between $250 and $350 for each roof square, which is equal to 100 square feet. However, your exact price tag will depend on the roof's size, your region and other specifications. Expect to get a warranty on your flat roof of between 10 and 20 years, and keep in mind that these roofs often last up to 25 years when they're installed and maintained correctly.

A built-up roof, or BUR for short, is your traditional tar and gravel composition made up of at least three layers of waterproofing, which are sandwiched with hot tar and stone. They used to be made of simple tar paper, but advances in technology are making fiberglass membranes much more popular. This is a good choice if you're going for gravel's natural fire-retardant qualities and affordability.

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However, this type is very heavy and cumbersome with the added necessity of strengthened joists to hold the load. It doesn't make for the cleanest of installations, and it often smells bad.

Modified bitumen is another type of flat roof, comprised of one-ply rolled roof featuring a mineral-based surface. The old method of heating the adhesive as you roll it out has been largely replaced with peel and stick versions, which are popular for their increased ease of use and safety. Because of this, homeowners can install it themselves. Pricing is often mid-range for this energy-efficient material. For the older method involving a torch-down process, installation is best left to professionals due to the inherent fire hazard.

Rubber membrane roofs are durable and sunlight resistant, and there are several ways to attach to the structure: fastened, stone-ballasted or adhered with glue. This is also a good DIY project as it's lightweight and doesn't scuff or tear easily. However, this black rubber material absorbs heat and can be punctured easily. If you go with a lighter color, you will pay dearly for this option, adding up to 30 percent to your total cost.

Arming yourself with the knowledge of all the types of flat roofs out there will help you better understand the options available to you as well as their associated costs. Speak with your roofing professional to go over the reasons why your property would be better served by a particular type.

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