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If you've ever driven around looking at other homes in your community and beyond, you may notice the many different types of roofs used in building. From saltbox and gambrel to colonial and mansard, there are a variety of roof types that fit the style of homes to which they're attached. Each one has distinct characteristics to really bring the personality of the home to light. If you're looking to construct a new home or want to put on an addition, consult with your Bergen County roofing professional for ideas and suggestions on the best type of roof for you. Here is a sampling of roofing types:

Flat roofs are just what they sound like flat. They're fairly easy to construct, safe for standing on and are more accessible than other types. However, they require a higher level of maintenance as snow, leaves, dirt and debris can easily collect on them, leading to possible roof collapses if not cleared regularly.

Gambrel roofs are a popular choice for many homeowners for their classic styling and barn-like appearance. Featuring vertical gable ends, the roof hangs over the front of the home with much of the roof facing outwards. These are similar to mansard roofs, which are comprised of four slopes with two on either side of the structure. The lower one is steeper than the upper slope, making it perfect for additional storage or living space up top.

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Saltbox roofs are very unusual looking thanks to their asymmetrical design. Their long-pitched roofs feature one short and one long side, often leading to a home with one story in the front and two stories in back.

Pyramid roofs resemble you guessed it a pyramid. You'll often see this style on smaller accent portions, such as a garage or guest house of a large home, rather than the whole roof. It adds dimension to any large structure with a touch of whimsy for any home. However, it is less practical from an architectural standpoint than other types of roofing.

A hip roof is similar to the pyramid but has much more architectural use and appeal in comparison. This popular roof style is used on a variety of homes with the four sides reaching up to a flat area rather than a pointed top like a pyramid.

Bonnet roofs slope or curve outward, which is perfect for covering verandas, porches and other outdoor structures. Similarly, a skillion roof has a sloping surface but only on one side, rather than two like the bonnet. It's often seen on large homes with multiple levels, creating-one-of-a-kind patterns and shapes.

Cross-gabled roofs feature triangular shapes framing windows and eaves, yet another way to add unique dimension to a home.

As you can see, there are many styles of roofs from which to choose for your home. Your roofer can go over all the options available to you and help you decide on the best one for your style preferences, climate and budget.

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