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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Types Of Spring Storm Damage

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After a long and harsh winter, locals living in New York look forward to the warm and sunny days of spring. What they don't look forward to are the sometimes harsh storms that spring brings to the state. Those storms can bring along driving rain, high winds and even hail, and each of those weather conditions can wreak havoc on the roofs of homes and commercial properties. Bergen County roofing companies understand the impact that spring storms can have on homes and businesses and can help the owners of those properties recover from even the harshest of storms.

Parts of New York experienced a high level of damage following Hurricane Sandy, but even more mild storms can leave behind some damage in their wake. As the humidity level in the surrounding air changes, the vapor in the air can cause moisture to settle around the roof and eventually penetrate into the shingles and membrane. Buildings that feature a wood membrane will often develop rot from those vapors. This rot can spread across the membrane and cause the entire roof to collapse or begin sinking. That moisture may also lead to the granules coming off the shingles.

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Asphalt and composition shingles are just two examples of shingles with granules. These granules act as a textured coating on the shingles that extends the life of the materials. In addition to excess moisture, high winds and exposure to snow and ice can also break down those granules. Depending on the number of missing granules, a roofing contractor may determine that the roof needs brand new shingles or that a large number of shingles need replacing.

Spring storms can also cause damage to the downspouts and gutters found on residential and commercial roofs. Even the mildest of winds can knock a loose downspout off the building, and stronger winds can tear down both the gutters and downspouts. Homeowners should also be aware that animals could build nests in those areas. Those animals hibernate during the colder months and look for new homes once the temperature rises. Animal nests can add enough weight that loosens downspouts and gutters.

The easiest way to prevent some of the more common types of damage associated with spring storms is with a roof inspection. Experts recommend that property owners schedule an inspection in the early part of spring. A simple inspection will reveal whether winter did any damage to the roof and if the roof is susceptible to spring weather conditions.

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