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Vegetation and plant life have the potential to be dangerous to the roofs in the northern New Jersey area. The extremely fertile quality of the New Jersey climate makes it easy for foliage, particularly trees, to get out of control and cause serious problems to the property owner and their roof. These problems may be caused by the plants growing, by trees or other large flora falling and by the animals that might use the vegetation as a means of access to the attic and other spaces. Bergen County roofing professionals have the tools and the skills necessary to keep the roof free of obstructions and operating properly in any conditions.

Trees are known to be harmful to the roof in two major ways. The first is that they may grow into the roof and tear it apart while the second occurs when the tree loses a limb over the roof or falls onto it. This usually happens in severe weather, so the potential damage may be compounded by wind and rain.

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Plants may grow slowly, but they are powerful and have the potential to grow into the eaves of a roof, tear the sideboards apart, clog the gutters and push into the shingles. The roots can also cause damage to the walls that provide support to the roof.

In the event that Bergen County experiences an extreme weather event, such as a blizzard to a hurricane, part or all of a tree might fall onto the roof of the building. Any tree that is within falling distance of the home should be carefully trimmed or at the very least buttressed.

Another major concern with tree branches close to the house is that they may provide a path for squirrels, possums, raccoons and other vermin to get into the roof or the attic. Intrusive animals can cause serious problems that must be repaired immediately, as there are few things that have the potential to be more expensive to the owner of a building then unrestricted access to the ceiling area by small animals.

It is important to look over all the trees near the roof and make decisions in the proper season, and it is generally preferable to trim trees in the fall or the winter. The burden of leaves is much less at that time, and the limbs are typically drier. This makes the tree easier to cut accurately and remove without difficulty.

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