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Bergen County Roofing: Article About When To Reroof Your Home

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For many homeowners, it's common to experience a number of problems with the roof after it begins to age. From leaks to worn flashing, the structure naturally begins to deteriorate due to exposure to environmental elements and extreme weather throughout the year. After frequent repairs have been made, there are often several signs that indicate that it's time to reroof the home to protect the interior space.

One of the most common signs of a roof that needs to be replaced is multiple shingles that become loose or are missing throughout the year. The shingles may also be bald or curled due to too much exposure to the sun. Homeowners may find themselves adding cement to tiles or shingles on a frequent basis or having to use a Bergen County roofing professional to replace broken tiles in both the fall and the spring seasons. This is a sign that the roof is no longer strong and sturdy, especially when shingle debris begins to accumulate in the home's rain gutters each month.

Many people may notice leaks in the ceiling near a chimney, which can be a sign of flashing that has become worn down.

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Although this can be replaced, it's another sign that the roof has aged significantly.

Sometimes there are nonvisual signs of a roof that needs to be replaced, which can include a roof deck that has begun to sag or dark stains in an attic that have developed after it rains. These can all be identified with a basic inspection with the use of a handheld flashlight to find hints that leaks are present or that the roof is breaking down. Mold may also be present in the attic or on high ceilings and can threaten the health of residents who live in the home. Home inspectors may also find light that breaks through the roof into the attic on sunny days.

Sagging is also a clear indicator that the roof is outdated and that the structure is beginning to fail. It's a dangerous problem that can become severe after a heavy rainfall or if snow begins to accumulate on the roof.

Homeowners are advised to have their home inspected every six months to look for common repairs that may be needed and to avoid water damage that can be expensive to remedy. Hiring a professional will prevent expensive repairs and avoid missing any issues that may be present and unseen to the naked eye.

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