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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Winter Dangers To A Domestic Roof

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Many experts believe that the winter season is the most dangerous one for any roofing system. During this cold period, numerous environmental elements come together, capable of damaging any property, with the roofing system acting as the sole defense against the harsh weather. During the winter, homeowners may need to contact their local Bergen County roofing experts to take care of all types of structural and surface damage to their roofing system. By keeping some of the following dangers in mind, homeowners can be better prepared to handle major roofing problems as they appear. When in doubt, always be sure to contact the specialists to assess damage and provide preventative maintenance.

One of the first problems that homeowners may need to deal with is moisture damage. As the snow begins to accumulate on the roofing system, it may melt and seep into the surface of the roof. Though there are protective measures in place that can prevent smaller amounts of moisture from penetrating into a roof's deck, the excessive moisture that comes with snowy seasons can cause extensive damage.

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Homeowners can stay on top of such damage by checking their attics frequently for obvious signs of damage such as the appearance of mold and stained spots on beams and walls.

Another problem to watch out for is excessive weight on the roof's surface. Though most roofing systems are reinforced against heavy weight, the strain can become difficult to bear, especially as the rooftop begins to age. Combined with the moisture damage that unattended snow can lead to, homeowners may experience tremendous structural problems, sometimes bad enough to affect the rest of their home. Fortunately, keeping up with the weight can be as simple as brushing it off with a long broom. The snow should be cleared from the roof regularly to make sure that it does not result in sagging or breaking.

Finally, homeowners should always be on the lookout for ice damming. Ice damming can cause extensive damage to the entire roof by weakening the structural elements along the edges, resulting in sagging and eventual breaking. Ice dams are created when the ice and snow on a roof melt and then refreeze, seeping into sensitive sections of the roof and expanding upon solidifying. This process repeats several times over the course of the season, exacerbating existing damage. Most ice dams can be easy to get rid of by limiting the amount of snow on the roof, but homeowners should call the experts in the event of excessive damage.

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