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Bergen County Roofing: Article About Winterizing Your Home's Exterior

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Before the harshness of winter hits, you as a savvy homeowner likely winter-proof your home by inspecting the furnace and checking seals on windows to ensure no leaks are letting costly heat out. However, have you thought about the exterior of your home, mainly the roof and related fixtures? Winterizing your home's exterior is just as important to catch problems before they get bigger and to make sure your home can withstand anything Old Man Winter can throw at it. Ask your trusted Bergen County roofing technicians to help you with your yearly roof maintenance.

Protecting your home starts with its most important component aside from the foundation the roof. Your yearly inspection, conducted in late fall, should start with looking for leaks. There is no need to get up on a ladder and risk life and limb: Simply go into your attic and check for moisture condensation, staining or dripping. Don't confine your inspection just to the ceilings; look on the floors and walls too. If you see leaking, this could point to ice dams on the roof or other forms of damage as the culprit. While you're in the attic, check on the state of your insulation. Having sufficient insulation up there can shave off 20 percent from your energy bill. If your attic has a furnace, now's a good time to give it a once-over. You could be losing heat from it right out through your attic, wasting precious energy and money. Proper insulation of vents and rafters is key to curbing heat loss.

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You may also want to wrap your furnace heating ducts in insulation to cut down on heat buildup.

Next, you should check out the ventilation system in your home. Without proper ventilation, a buildup of humid air can lead to ice damage on the roof or problems with your insulation. Keep debris clear of vents near gables and ridges so that they don't get clogged. Never block soffit vents with insulation as this can restrict the airflow in your home.

Take a look around your home's exterior with a pair of binoculars. Again, avoid getting up onto the roof so as to avoid a hazardous fall. Check for any shingles that seem to be coming loose, inspect the gutters to ensure they're clear and make sure flashing around chimneys and pipes has not been torn due to wind damage.

If you're a little late in getting to your winter inspection and ice dams and snow have already accumulated, you'll have to remove them to guard against roof damage and leaks. Ice dams are a typical culprit of leaks because this wall of ice that builds up at the roof's edge can create moisture buildup as well as clog your gutters. Ice dam removal is a task best left to professionals for safety reasons. If you have solar panels on the roof, remove the snow that has built up on them so as to avoid damage or a decrease in your system's output.

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