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You may be surprised that conditions inside your home can affect your roof. In fact, the relationship between your roof and the rest of your structure works both ways. While the roof is critical in protecting the rest of the structure from environmental issues like wind, rain and heat, the integrity of the home's systems and construction can enhance or compromise your roof's effectiveness in its service. Your Bergen County roofing contractor can provide important inspection services to ensure that both sides of this equation remain balanced over the life of your roofing system.

Ventilation is one of the most important issues to consider as you explore the interaction between your roof and your residence. Your attic provides an area for ventilation to ensure that your roof doesn't overheat. This may seem unusual because your roof is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the year, but as your structure gains heat through the roof, ventilation allows that hot air to move back out of the house so that roof temperatures don't escalate excessively. An overheated roof can lead to shorter shingle life because of deterioration. You may notice visual issues like curling, buckling or blistering as shingles age, and too much heat can hasten these problems.

There are some ways in which homeowners can inadvertently affect their attic ventilation.

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In the interest of lowering energy bills, for example, you may decide to supplement your insulation in the attic. However, it's possible to over-insulate, an issue that can reduce the air space available for ventilating the area. If you notice that your floor joists in the attic are visible or just barely covered with insulation, you can add more. If they aren't visible, your levels are most likely sufficient. When you are in doubt, consult with your roofing team before deciding to supplement.

Homeowners may mistakenly assume that vented soffits on the exterior of the home can be replaced with non-vented units. In some locations, this may be possible. However, vented soffits allow an escape for air that is being exhausted from the attic, making it important to leave those vents in place in most cases. Your contractor can advise you on the best ratio of vented to non-vented units for your home.

As you maintain the proper ventilation in your attic, you allow your insulation to do its job while also enhancing the life and effectiveness of your roof. These issues are equally important during the winter months to ensure that ice dams don't form. Seasonal roofing maintenance is ideally performed just after winter or summer months have concluded. These seasons place the most stress on your roofing components, and catching damaged parts right away can limit your risk of future problems resulting from cracks and leaks.

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