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There are an abundance of roofing materials available in today's market, and homeowners might find it challenging to determine which ones can offer the most protection for their home without compromising on aesthetics. The right materials can enhance the rest of the home's features and achieve a distinctive look from the street view, but not every type of material is suitable for every type of roof. Dutchess County roofing professionals understand that the local climate is a major factor to consider when selecting roofing materials. For example, if homeowners who live in colder climates choose to install wooden shingles, they might discover rotting soon after a period of heavy snowfall. A qualified roofing expert can advise homeowners about which types of roofing materials can offer maximum protection from the elements in their specific area.

When choosing roofing materials, roofing contractors will work with homeowners to inform them about the estimated life cycles associated with each type as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements. Some more expensive types of materials like metal roofs or slate tiles offer enhanced longevity and might be worth the initial investment. An important aspect of a roofing material to examine is how many years the manufacturer's warranty lasts for and what it specifically covers. Homeowners should also assess how long they plan on staying in their home when making a decision, and compare their current and potential home's value as well.

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Here are some of the most popular roofing materials as well as their features.

Asphalt shingles are by far the most widely installed type of roofing material, and they offer a wide range of style options to choose from. While they are generally less expensive than other types of materials, they might require the most amount of regular maintenance.

Rubber roofing materials are commonly installed on flat roofs, because they provide excellent protection from water damage. They are usually simple to install and do not require a ton of maintenance. Their lightweight nature is ideal because the structure will not need to be reinforced before contractors install them.

Concrete roofing tiles are a great option because they usually feature long warranties and provide noise insulation. This type of material can create a trendy statement, and they achieve an attractive finished look.

Metal roofing materials are becoming more and more popular, because they offer excellent protection from snow, hail, high winds, and heavy rain, and they can be coated in a variety of colors. This type of roofing material requires the least amount of maintenance and often features a 50 year warranty.

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